Antique Moving

How to move antique furniture

How to move antique furniture?

There are lots of books that explain how to do this but moving companies sometimes don’t train their staff about this. Of course some companies do this and spend time to train their staff for those cases. However, I will explain how we do that.

When we have a case with antique furniture that needs be lifted the first question is what kind of object we are dealing with—a chair, a table, a desk, a coach or other type of furniture. Any and all of them have a construction. The bottom is the part of the construction that gets all the weight of the object. That is the right place for lifting. A chair is a very popular object and a good example. Lift the chair for the seat, not for the back support. I recommend that a table be disassembled. Separate the top from the legs and wrap them separately. It is very important to lift a buffet from the base—the part where the legs are attached—not for the top. If you lift for the top, the screws or dove tails with which it is attached can come off, or even worse, break. When the object is at the place where it will be wrapped and packaged (usually the garage), you are ready for the next step. Use foam wrap, not bubble wrap as the latter doesn’t let the object breath.

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