Essential Moving Tools for Moving Yourself

You’ve decided to save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars by moving yourself. Make another smart move by assembling the moving accessories and supplies you need to make your move as easy as possible. These moving tips will explain the tools you need to make a do-it-yourself move easier, safer, and more efficient.

Dollies and handtrucks
Take every step you can to make
moving yourself as easy as possible physically. Renting helpful furniture moving tools like dollies and handtrucks goes a long way toward reducing the physical strain you put on your body during a move. Even if items aren’t heavy, using a dolly to move them can help you navigate your apartment community quicker, which is a big plus. You also may be less likely to drop or break items if you transport them using an appropriate handtruck.

You may need several types of dollies, depending on the items you have to move. There are dollies specifically made for moving furniture, as well as dollies for moving appliances and ones designed for use on stairs. An upright utility dolly — the kind with two wheels — can allow you to move heavy furniture items like a coffee table by yourself or stack multiple boxes up at once.

Many do-it-yourself movers skip the furniture pads and blankets. You might think these items are a waste of money or time, but using them can mean the difference between preserving your cherished possessions in pristine condition or unloading a lot of damaged goods from the moving truck. The bottom line is, if you’ve got any furniture or artwork that you’d hate to have damaged in transit, you need furniture pads or blankets. These protective moving tools keep your prized possessions safe from dings, dust, and spills.

Mover’s plastic wrap
Another moving accessory that can make your life much easier is a roll of mover’s plastic. Much like the plastic wrap you put on your leftovers before tossing them in the fridge, mover’s stretch plastic is a handy multipurpose moving tool that you can use for a number of tasks. Mover’s plastic can be used to secure cords to electronics and small appliances, hold furniture blankets in place, keep drawers from falling out, and hold just about anything else in place. This stretchy plastic wrap comes on a convenient roll that includes a handle so you can easily move it around any object. It’s also stretchy, fits the form of whatever you wrap, and sticks securely without leaving residue on your belongings.

Gloves are another essential tool for moving yourself. Keep your hands safe during your move by investing in a durable pair of heavy-duty leather work gloves. Leather gloves can make it easier for you to grip certain items and also protect your hands from cuts, calluses, and dirt.

Moving straps
Anyone who’s ever fumbled trying to lift a heavy, oversized object like a mattress or washer knows how frustrating (and dangerous) heavy lifting can be. Investing in a pair of ergonomic moving straps can help you.

Ergonomic moving straps allow a two-person team to lift big objects safely and easily. The ten-foot long straps are adjustable and include padded loop handles. By placing the straps underneath the heavy object and securing the ends around your forearms, you can take some of the strain out of lifting. At around $25 per pair, ergonomic straps are one of the most helpful moving tools you can buy.

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