How to Ask for Moving Help

Scared to ask your friends and family for moving help Don’t be. While most people may regard moving as an unpleasant experience, it doesn’t have to be. Use these tips to ask friends and family for help moving to a new apartment.

Who to ask.
If you need help moving to a new apartment, the first thing to do is come up with a list of folks who could potentially help you out. First consider how much stuff you have to move, how heavy it is, and how valuable or important it is to you. All of those factors will inform who you ask — and who you trust — for moving help. Remember to be realistic about the amount of manpower it will take to transport your belongings. Generally, the more bodies helping out, the faster the moving process will go.

When you’re trying to decide who to ask for moving help, think about friends and family that you’ve helped in the past. Those people should be your first targets. It’s unlikely that they’ll turn you down since they’ll just be returning your generous favor.

The bottom line is that everyone you ask for moving help should be a willing participant. It’s a bad idea to try to coerce or guilt a friend into helping you. Enlisting only willing and enthusiastic helpers will ensure a faster and more efficient — not to mention more pleasant — move.

Bribe ‘em.
Once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of asking for moving help, sweeten the deal for your friends and family with a generous bribe. The traditional moving help bribe is pizza and beer, but any thoughtful bribe will do.

While food and drinks are always appreciated, offering something special to each of your friends is also a nice idea. Offering your services as a babysitter for one evening, for example, would be a nice gift to a couple of new parents. Doing that kind of favor also won’t cost you anything.

Be ready
When your friends and family kindly volunteer their time (and their backs) to help you move, the best thing you can do is be ready for them when they arrive

Have all of your boxes packed,, sealed, and labeled. Wrap all furniture in protective coverings. Set up your moving truck Put out a cooler with water and snacks for your movers. Show that you respect everyone’s time and appreciate their help by having everything ready to go before they arrive. It’ll make your move go by quicker and help everyone feel less stressed.

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