What is Self-Service Move?

You’ve signed the lease on your new apartment and now it’s time to plan you move. You may think you only have two options: hire movers or move yourself. But there is a third option available where you pack and load your stuff and someone else drives.

How does a self-service move work? When you contact the moving company, you’ll set up a time for the truck or trailer to be delivered. You’re responsible for packing and loading your belongings and a professional driver is responsible for picking them up and transporting them to your new apartment. This type of move is good for longer distance moves. You may also want to consider a self-service move locally if you are uncomfortable with driving the moving truck.

There are several advantages to doing a self-service move. You can control costs since you pay based on the space used so you won’t have to worry about being charged more because of poor a weight estimation. There are no hidden costs like gas that can come with renting a moving truck. As moving is already stressful, with this method you won’t have the added pressure of driving an unfamiliar moving truck.

Before contacting any moving companies, take an inventory what you’ll need to move. You’ll need to decide if you’ll be able to load it yourself or if you’ll need assistance and how much. As with any move, you should ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations (or warnings) when selecting a company. Once you’ve identified a couple of companies, call or visit their websites for quotes. Some companies will offer additional services such as assistance with loading and unloading and packing materials for an extra charge.

Once you’ve set your pick up and delivery date and times, be sure to confirm them with the company. The amount of time you need to pack and load will depend on the amount you’re moving. If you’re unsure how long it will take you to load and unload your stuff, ask the moving company for an estimated length of time needed. Find out if there are any charges if you need additional time to load or unload. Also, provide them with a number you can be reached at during the transport of your belongings, in case there are any problems or questions arise.

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